Rennie Vella and Simon Grech place well in the National

Rod Simmons
Thursday, October 17, 2019

Rennie Vella and Simon Grech continue a great 2019 race season and again the pigeon is down from Winners1 lofts.

Finishing 11th Federation in the WPF and 14th National from Morgan 602 km to Rennie’s place on the outskirts of Melton, their Blue Bar hen 17-342 did a great job in a hard race when many didn’t get a bird home on the day; the velocity was 1,059.9 mpm.

A full sister to Rennie’s 1st federation winner in last year race from Yolla, Tasmania as well as 1st Diamond Valley Centre and 24th fedferation from Parkes 554km. The parents have confirmed their class in just 2 years of breeding.

The father of 342 is  UNDERGROUND from NATIONAL JOY, whose out of our imports National Euro (Heremans – Ceusters) x Joy (Hans Eijerkamp & Son). The mother of Underground is DAUGHTER SANTANA out of our Alwin Petrie imports Santana x Daughter Sanne. The mother of 342 is MOTORWAY from our Alwin Petrie imports Porsche x Party Girl.

Rod Simmons
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