Mal & Richard Clement fantastic race season

Rod Simmons
Monday, October 21, 2019

Those who follow Winners1 Blog would know the great 2019 race season Mal & Richard Clement have had. Equally Winners1 is more than pleased as most of the federation wins are by pigeons breed down from out stud.

This is an overview.



M and R Clement Lofts 2019.

Malcolm and Richard.


Our Loft Results in the NCF Federation Inc. (commenced with 58 members) whist flying 2 clocks

during the 2019 season on the North-West Route.

Only top 4 positions shown.

Race                                                   Date       Clock              Results in Federation.

Sprint  Series (11 Races)

Scone                                                                    18/5/19                2                              1st

Scone                                                                     18/5/19               1                             2nd.

Scone                                                                     25/5/19               1                              2nd.

Scone                                                                     25/5/19               2                              3rd.

Breeza                                                                   31/5/19                2                              2nd.

Scone                                                                     15/6/19               1                              2nd    Dead Heat

Scone                                                                     15/6/19               2                              2nd    Dead Heat

Scone                                                                     21/6/19               2                              2nd         

Breeza                                                                      7/7/19               2                              3rd

Breeza                                                                      7/7/19               1                              4th

Boggabri                                                                 14/7/19               1                              2nd

Boggabri                                                                 20/7/19               1                              4th


Mid-Distance (8 Races)

Wee-Waa                                                                27/7/19               1                             2nd.

Wee-Waa                                                                27/7/19               2                             4th

Wee-Waa                                                                  4/8/19               2                             3rd.

Mungindi  Young Bird Derby                                     4/8/19               2                             1st.

Mungindi  Blue Band                                                4/8/19               2                             1st.

Mungindi   Breeders Plate 1                                     4/8/19               2                             1st.

Mungindi Open Race                                                1/9/19               2                             1st

St.George  Breeders Plate 2                                    8/9/19               2                              3rd

St.George 5 Bird National                                        8/9/19               1                              3rd.   Dead Heat

St.George 5 Bird National                                        8/9/19               2                              3rd. Dead Heat


Long Distance (4 Races)

Surat  Open                                                            21/9/19               2                               1st.

Surat  Open- Gold Band                                         21/9/19               2                               1st

Surat  Open                                                            21/9/19               1                               3rd

Surat  Open- Gold Band                                         21/9/19               1                               3rd.

Charleville  (2)                                                         4/10/19               1                              2nd.



Overall, using the standard average points system, our loft achieves 1st and 2nd. In the averages.

Clock 2 wins it with 141 points and the closest loft to us is 269 points and next loft was 317 points.

(our clock 1 was 221 points- still 48 points ahead of the next loft making it 2nd, fed average.

However, under the new “Flyer of the Year Award” I think our Clock 2 wins it with 7 points. This is made up of 2nd in the sprints. 1st in the mid-distance and 4th in the long distance. Our clock 1 will probably run 3rd. If we were flying the one clock, our long distance points would be better.

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