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Rod Simmons
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hi Rod,

We raced the other week from St George (630klms) in what was a very tough race with less than 50% of flyers in the federation actually clocking on the day.

We have again trapped the supper little hen NCF 18 9903 to run 1st club, 2nd Lake Macquarie Combine 5th NCF federation with a velocity just over 1218 m min.(8 hr 30 mins on the wing).

9903 is out of our champion hen LM 15 making 9903 a granddaughter of Top Shelf (Heremans x Alwin Petrie).

It was also the Lake Combines 2nd Breeders plate race and this hen has finished 2nd in that feature race as well ( she also finished second in the 1st Breeders plate race from 300 miles 2 weeks ago beaten only by a loft mate).

This little hen has been in the clock 3 times and been 1st once landing with her sister when we won the combine

She has basically now won 3 and run 2nd outright once in Lake Combine races and taken 4 prizes in the top 5 in the federation including 2 seconds.

Add in the 2 breeders plates second places and the result where she won the combine and ran 2nd in the fed in the 2 bird trap 2 race at 300 miles ( she was half our team ) and this hen has probably earned a spell and will now be stopped for a 2 yo.

Hard to tell if 9903 or 1816 ( 4 outright combine wins ,a fed winner and 3 top 3 places) will win bird of the year but both had great seasons and both grandchildren of Top Shelf

Cheers RC

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