Vella Family 1st and 7th federation WPF last Saturday 2nd September.

Rod Simmons
Saturday, September 08, 2018

Rennie Vella and family won the Yolla race from Tasmania with a Blue Bar hen WPF17-11980.

The parents was purchased last year from Winners1with the father UNDERGROUND from National Joy, whose out of our imports National Euro (Heremans – Ceusters) x Joy (Hans Eijerkamp & Son). The mother of Underground is DAUGHTER SANTANA out of our Alwin Petrie imports Santana x Daughter Sanne. The mother of 11980 is MOTORWAY from our Alwin Petrie imports Porsche x Party Girl.

Placing 7th Federation from West Wyalong was Blue Bar hen WPF17-1517. Her mother is VPU16-10676 whose father is SUPER EURO, bred from our Heremans – Ceusters imports National Euro x Grand Dion. The mother of 16-10676 is GRAND SABLON from our De Rauw-Sablon imports Grand Dromer x Bak Moby.

The photo’s are of Rennie’s son Wayne in front of their race loft holding the federation winner.

Rod Simmons


Steve Kane 3rd and 7th Fed, Central Coast Federation

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Hi Rod,

Two weeks ago I dropped 2 birds together from Sawtell 384km to win the club and Aus14- 323 and the other bird’s g/sire Aust13 -212. This week Aust13-212 was the sire of 1st club 3rd Fed in a pretty steady race from Sawtell.

Cheers Steve.

12th Federation Rankin Springs 437km

Rod Simmons
Saturday, September 01, 2018

In last week’s race from Rankin Springs 437km, Winners1 placed 12th federation with Blue Bar pied hen PRV17-604 velocity 1401.51mpm. His father is our De Rauw-Sablon import Frans Moby and the mother is the National Hen; who is from our imports Overdrive (de Rauw-Sablon) x Jingu Samurai (Koopman). 

Rod Simmoms 


Jack Hao, 3rd federation Rankin Springs 445km VHA

Rod Simmons
Saturday, August 25, 2018

When Jack was first introduced to me and Winners1 pigeons from our mutual friend and top Chinese flyer Mr Wu, I strong friendship developed. Jack soon built his loft, then purchased and borrowed some breeding pigeons from us.

Racing from Rankin Springs, Jack only sent 7 pigeons to the race and his Blue Bar cock PRV17-1276 placed 3rd federation; all De Rauw-Sablon, both parents are direct children from our imports.

The father of 1276 is from Grand Dromer x China Girl and the mother is from Frans Moby x Young Dreamer.


Rod Simmons


9th Federation from Hillston 466km

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another tough race seen our De Rauw-Sablons/Koopmans come into their own.

Our first pigeon was VPU17-7162 Blue Bar W/F hen, she placed 9th federation velocity 1289.58 mpm.
. Bred out of our De Rauw-Sablon import GRAND DROMER when paired to the very good race bird how in stock, GOLD LADY. She is out of our imports Son of Favoriet (De Rauw-Sablon) x Top Aline (G & C Koopman)


Rod Simmons


3rd, 4th, 5th 6th, 8th, 9th and 14th Federation down from Winners1 pigeons.

Rod Simmons
Sunday, August 19, 2018

With 2 races last Saturday 11th August on the same day in the VRPU from Griffith 364km, 5 pigeons in the Derby down from Winners1 pigeons finished in the top 14 federation placing. In the other federation race 2 pigeons finished in the top 6 placing.




4th was Winners1pigeon, Blue Chequer hen PRV17-490 velocity 1,176.48. Bred from our Heremans – Ceusters import cock HEREMAN to CLASSIC, out of Alwin Petrie import Porsche 88 to the Whaley Winner Hen, from our imports The De Jan (Heremans – Ceusters) x Porscher (Alwin Petrie).


5th was Nick Gecas, the father is DUAL GOLD, bred from Olympic Gold from our (Heremans – Ceusters) imports Olympic x Sun City (Alwin Petrie). The mother of Dual Gold is Dual Frans (De Rauw-Sablon) from our imports Frans Moby x Young Dreamer.


8th A & M Curio bred by Robert Taylor. The mother is bred by his top Alwin Petrie breeder CITY BOY; bred from Winners1 imports Alwin x Sun City.


9th Share & Murrells. the mother is a top $10,000.00 classic place winner for the Share family and bred by Robert Taylor off pigeons he purchased direct from our imports. The father is Rob’s VAN PORSCHE (Alwin Petrie) by Porsche 88 x Porscher; the mother is MISS EURO off National Euro x Grand Dion (Heremans – Ceusters).


14th Nakos Family. Pip’s pigeon is bred by Aus12-81, a son off some of our imports. 81 was one of a few pigeons that had their life ring changed just after being placed on their leg, after the South Africa ring was removed. The mother is Aus12-1 from our Alwin Petrie import Santana x Daughter Sanne.



Second Federation race from Griffith.


3rd was Winners1 with PRV17-549 Blue Chequer cock velocity 1,183.8. A nice son off our imports GABY'S BOY (Gaby Vandenabeele) x MS SAIGON (G & S Verkerk).


6th was Nakos family and the father is again Aus12-81 and mentioned in the earlier post.

Rod Simmons


J & J Pulis 11th Federation Narrandera 371km

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Joe and John Pulis won 1st Club, 1st Section and 11th Federation Narrandera 371km and against 2,055 birds. A good result for their Blue Bar Pied cock, WPF17-2067, as it was a hard days racing.

The mother PERFECT BLEND has already produced a federation winner for the Pulis family at 605 km. She is off BAS (G & S Verkerk) and a son of our imports Olympic Star & Survivor. The mother of Perfect Blend is DAUGHTER SANTANA (Alwin Petrie) and from our imports Santana & Daughter Sanne. 

Rod Simmons 


10th Federation from Griffith, 364km and 1,455 birds.

Rod Simmons
Saturday, August 11, 2018

From Griffith last weekend, our first pigeon placed 10th Federation. This lovely Blue Chequer pied cock VPU17-7042 was only having its 2nd start in what turned out to be a solid race.

The father is TOP GEAR from our De Rauw-Sablon imports Overdrive paired to our Koopman hen Jingu Samurai.

The mother is GUINEVERE and all Alwin Petrie; she is from our imports Alwin and Sun City. 

Rod Simmons 


1st Federation for R & M Clement, Newcastle

Rod Simmons
Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Hi Rod, just an update on our race result on Saturday the 21st July.

We had 3 on the drop from  Port Macquarie- (204klms) with the first bird across the antenna a little 2 yo chequer hen NCF  16 4230.


This hen has ended up placing 1st club, 1st combine and 1st federation against roughly 1100 birds. The winning velocity was just over 1188 mpm

She also won us a club and combine race last year from the same race point, so this is her second outright combine win (no fed races last year due to Rota).


4230 is a daughter of the inbred Hereman hen I bought from you in the Sydney sale- Class Act who is a daughter of Sylvana when paired back to her son Leo.

She was paired to a Van loon cock to produce 4230.

Cheers Richard


Rod Simmons 


Three together for 4th Federation Griffith 364km

Rod Simmons
Saturday, July 28, 2018

With 3 pigeons landing together our Blue Chequer hen VPU17-7083 was the first pigeon to land on the pad. Her father’s line is De Rauw-Sablon and from the good breeder FRANS VAPEUR out of import Fans Moby x New Vapeur. The mother of 7083 is MISS KOOPMAN from our Koopman imports Last Tips x Jingu Samurai.



The other two is VPU17-6, a Blue Bar cock that has now in 4 starts landed 2 times with either federation pigeons or a minute behind in another. His father and mother are our imports PORSCHE (Alwin Petrie) and YOUNG DREAMER (De Rauw-Sablon).


The last of the 3 pigeons is VPU17-7169 a Blue Chequer cock whose father is  BLUE BLOOD by Boy City, a son of our (Alwin Petrie) imports Alwin x Sun City. Blue Blood’s mother is Blue Maggie from our (M. K. Falckenborg) import Marco, when paired to my wife Maggie’s 1st federation winner Little Champion (Goodger). The mother of 7169 is ADELE off our Alwin Petrie imports Magic x Light Speed.


Pip Nakos also place 16th Federation with his now triple fed hen VPU15-11667

She also placed this year 3rd Federation and 5th Federation from Deniliquin 237km. Her father is bred down from our Verkerk imports OLYMPIC STAR x SURVIVOR and Alwin Petrie imports ALWIN x SUNCITY.


Rod Simmons