Richard and Mal Clement 4th Federation

Rod Simmons
Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Saturday was another race from Boggabri which is around 295klms to our loft.


We have flown a velocity of 1421m/min trapping a 2yo hen LM 17 1826 ( her second time in the clock this year).


This hen is a full sister to this years quadruple combine winner ( LM 17 1816). She is a direct daughter of the Alwin Petrie hen, Maid Marion when paired to 695- the son of Top Shelf, Heremans x Alwin Petrie.


Saturday she has taken out 1st club, 1st Lake Macquarie Combine and 4th overall Newcastle/ Coalfields federation against almost 1200 pigeons.



We jump to Wee Waa now which is approx. 370klms so looking forward to the step into the mid distance racing leg of the season .


Cheers Richard and Mal

Jack Hao 1st Club, Centre and 14th Overall VHA

Rod Simmons
Saturday, July 20, 2019

Racing from Wycheproof, 254 km and 3,996 birds, Jack Hao placed 1st Club, 1st Diamond Valley Centre and 14th Overall in a race with strong north winds helping the deeper VHA flyers.

His young Blue Bar cock VHA18-14119 is by Mighty Robin out of our imports ROBIN (Alwin Petrie) x MIGHTY HEN (G & C Koopman). The mother of 18-14119 is Lan Se Gaby, out of our Gaby Vandenabeele imports DREAMING x GABY’S GIRL. 

The result is enormous encouragement for Jack, as only a few months ago he had a fox get into his loft, killing 55 out of the100 race pigeons. 

Rod Simmons 


Richard and Mal Clement, 2nd Federation Boggabri 293klms with Winners1 pigeons

Rod Simmons
Monday, July 15, 2019

Hi Rod, 

Today we raced from Boggabri which is 293klms to our loft.

There was just over 1,100 birds on the truck and our velocity was 1487m/ min


We trapped a little yearling hen ncf 18- 9903. This hen has had 3 starts for twice in the clock now.


Today she has finished 1st club, 1st combine and 2nd fed ( exactly the same positions she filled 4 weeks ago). She is already a  duel  Lake Macquarie combine winner.

She is bred out of a hen “15” who is a daughter of Top shelf


Our second clock finished 2nd club, 3rd combine and 5th fed and was a taken by yearling hen ncf 18 9918.

This hen is out of the best cock I raced out of Top Shelf x “815”.

815 is the nestmate of 15

The dam of this hen is the inbred hen- Class act who is a direct purchase from your place out of Sylvania x Leo ( mother to son)


Talk soon


Richard and Mal

2nd Federations for D.J and Sons. VRPU

Rod Simmons
Sunday, July 14, 2019

Racing from Rupanyup 228km, Dan and his young sons dropped 3 pigeons together to place 2nd federation.

The 1st pigeon was a Blue Chequer cock VPU17-3392, velocity1, 557.47 mpm and 1,145 birds. The father is SON OF SANTANA from National Joy (NATIONAL EURO, Heremans) x (JOY, Eijerkamp) and Daughter Santana (SANTANA x DAUGHTER SANNE, Alwin Petrie). This cock was paired to a Van Loon hen.

His second pigeon is from FOREST and JAN (Alwin Petrie x Heremans – Ceusters).

The 3rd Pigeon is from his double fed cock FOREST JAN (Forest x Jan) and PORSCHER GIRL, (Alwin Petrie).

This is Dan’s second year of racing and although due to working long hours, he is able to race at a high level. He is also very happy with the quality of his breeders purchased from Winners1.

Rod Simmons


LM 17 -1816, 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd fed, what a pigeon for the Clement family and Winners1 pigeons.

Rod Simmons
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hi Rod,

Raced from Breeza which is 230klms on the weekend and had  good results with both clocks running first and second in the Lake Macquarie combine and 3rd and 4th in the NCF federation.


We trapped LM 17 -1816 again- this is this hens last start and she has now been stocked. She has been clocked 4 times this year for 4 club wins ( against approx. 120 birds each race) , 4 combine wins ( against approx. 500 birds each race) and 4 fed places all in the top 3 that included 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd NCF Federation against averages of approx. 950 – 1300 birds.

She is out of Maid Marion and 695 ( a son of Top shelf)


We had 2 together on the weekend with the second pigeon across the pad being a yearling NCF18 243 and she is out of ncf 16 0015 who is a daughter of top shelf. I only took 6 out of 15 and 3 have now been in the clock and all have been in top 4 in federation results.



Cheers Richard and Mal

Tasmania Northern Clubs Federation race.

Rod Simmons
Monday, July 08, 2019

Winners1 was asked last Saturday to convoy the race pigeons for the Tasmania Northern Clubs Federation race. Arriving at 6.30am in the dark, a last minute decision was to use my phone and record the release.

Rod Simmons


Alex Diaz 5th Federation WPF, Rupanyup 231km, 2,269 birds

Rod Simmons
Saturday, July 06, 2019

Congratulation to Alex for an excellent result in today’s race. His Blue Bar hen WPF18-4034 is breed from 2 pigeons Alex purchased from Winners1. The father of 4034 is ROYAL and a full brother to a fed winner and fed placed birds. The father of Royal is BLUE BLOOD a mix of Alwin Petrie, Marco. K. Falckenborg and our best Goodgers. The mother of Royal is TRUE BLUE; her breeding is Van Loon, Alwin Petrie and G.S Verkerk. More evidence to dispel the old argument that crosses can’t breed winners.


The mother of 4034 is DAUGHTER CHAMPION; she is one of the first pigeon Alex purchased when starting out in racing pigeons. Daughter Champion has also produced, 2nd Federation from Deniliquin 256km and 2,628 birds. Her breeding is Marco. K. Falckenborg and the same Goodgers lines.  


Rod Simmons


A good start to the season for Vella & Grech Family WPF.

Rod Simmons
Sunday, June 30, 2019

A good start to the season for Vella & Grech Family WPF.

Last Saturday 22nd June the partnership of Rennie Vella and Simon Grech had a very good pigeon to finish 14th Federation from Rupanyup, 212km and against over 2,000 birds.

Their 2 year old Blue Chequer pied cock WPF-17-11961 was about 7 minutes in front of lofts in the area. 11961 mother is Ms Petrie, and was purchased by Rennie 2 years ago from Winners1; She is from proven sire SHERWOOD out of Robin x Light Speed (All Alwin Petrie), with the mother of Ms Petrie being another producing pigeon OLYMPIC CITY, from Olympic (Heremans – Ceusters) and Sun City (Alwin Petrie).

Congratulation to Rennie, Simon and their families. 

Rod Simmons


Another 2 great weeks add to a fantastic race season for Richard & Mal Clement.

Rod Simmons
Saturday, June 22, 2019

15th June 2019

Hi Rod, another pretty good weekend where we were lucky enough to take out 1st and 2nd club, 1st and 2nd Lake Macquarie combine and 2nd and 3rd open NCF 

fed ( beaten by 8 sec by John Banfield who is the premier flyer up here who is having another great season and is always the one to beat).There was around 1700 birds on the truck and nearly 1400 in the open race so a pretty good effort from the younger birds.


We got 3 together including 2 yearling nestmates having their first race start who were out of a hen we bred from Top Shelf ( Hereman x Alwin Petrie ), NCF 16 – 0015 who herself was a great race hen and won a 250 mile combine and was  placed 2nd fed before being our second pigeon home from the 500 mile race that year in a time that would have been in the top 10 in the fed.

This is only the second year we have bred down from Top Shelf’s children and the results so far are pretty encouraging in that he appears to be throwing birds capable of producing winners to different hens:


Week 1 from Scone 130klm

Ncf 17  1816 – 1st club , 1st combine 1st fed ( out of a son of Top Shelf ncf 16 695) ( same way bred 1826 was eq trap registered 1 sec behind)


Week 2 from Scone

Ncf 17  1826- 2nd club 2nd combine 3rd  fed (out of a son of Top Shelf ncf 15 695)- beaten in club , combine and one fed place by a loft mate in our second clock


Week 3 Breeza – 220klms

Ncf 17  1816 – 1st  club , 1st  combine 2nd  fed ( out of a son of Top Shelf ncf 15 695 )


Week 5 from Scone – 130klms

Ncf 2018  9913 – 1st club  1st combine 2nd fed ( landed with nestmate ncf 18 9903) (both out of daughter of Top Shelf ncf 16 0015)


One interesting point is 1816 and 1826 were nothing flash as yearlings and we only gave them 2 and 4 starts respectively and they showed no indication of being trap pigeons in year 1.We decided to stop about 10 hens early that were down out of the imported lines and race them as sprinters as 2 year olds this year, and this has been a big success so far. 1816 was actually lost on her first ever race starts as a yearling and returned a week later so go figure.............



We also trapped a pigeon  in week 3 from Breeza in our second clock to run 2nd club, 2nd  combine and  8th  open Fed a yearling cock  ncf 18 9905 out of Secret Blend (Heremans x Alwin Petrie.)


Will keep you posted on results in coming weeks as we start to move up in distance.


Cheers Richard and Mal



21st June 2019


Hi Rod, Race 7 of our season was back to Scone ( 130klms) and was raced yesterday ( Friday) due to pending storms on the weekend.


There was over 1400 birds in the liberation with just over 1100 pigeons in the open race.


We have trapped LM17 1816 again – her 3rd time in the clock in 5 starts so far this year and taken out 1st club, 1st combine and 2nd open federation ( beaten by 16 seconds).


Great effort and this hen has now won 3 Lake Macquarie combine races and had a win and 2 x 2nds at open federation level.( beaten by 8 sec and 12 sec)


As per my previous notes she is a daughter of Maid Marion ( all Alwin Petrie) x a son of Top Shelf ( Heremans x Alwin Petrie)


Our second pigeon yesterday which was still good enough on velocity to have finished 4th federation as yearling hen out of Top Shelf having her first start for the year.


Cheers Richard and Mal

Richard and Mal Clement hen MAID MARIAN

Rod Simmons
Monday, June 03, 2019


Hello Rod,

Just an update on a pretty successful first 3 weeks for the Alwin Petrie hen-  Maid Marion (All Alwin Petrie- Robin x Light Speed)

Week 1 we trapped a 2yo hen LM 1816 out of her to run 1st club 1st combine and 1st  fed from Scone 120kls ( as per previous note)

Week 2 we trapped her full sister also from Scone - also a 2 yo hen LM 17 1826 to run 2nd  club ,2nd  combine and 3rd  fed ( we ran 2nd and 3rd fed on the day flying 2 clocks and she was only beaten in the club and combine by her loft mate by 1 sec – both landed on deck together- we ran 2nd and 3rd outright federation)

Week 3  from Breeza (220klms) we again got 2 together to finish 1st club, 1st combine and 2nd fed  and both were out of her- 1 was LM 17 1816 (fed winner from week 1) the other was a yearling hen NCF 18 9916 who is out of Maid Marion x Heremans cock from Jack Vanderlinden

Pretty fair effort over first 3 weeks of the season and thought you would like to know how well she is going.

She has now produced 6 individual top 5 fed birds to 3 different cocks over 3 seasons


Cheers Richard and Mal