Latest shipment of products has arrived

Rod Simmons
Monday, September 30, 2019

Recently Winners1 took delivery of the awaited shipment of pigeon products.

With a few new items and updated range, these will be added to our online shop over the next few days.

Rod Simmons


Vella & Grech Family place 1st & 2nd Federations.

Rod Simmons
Sunday, September 29, 2019

Rennie Vella, Simon Grech and the help of Rennie’s wife, produced a fantastic result from Morgan 602km. Dropping 4 pigeons and great follow up; the first pigeon in the clock is a 2 year old Blue Bar pied hen 17-15164 and from the Winners1bred hen BLUE PORSCHE, from our Alwin Petrie import Porsche and G & S Verkerk hen BLUE OPRAH; out of our imports Bonte Verkerk x Miss Armstrong.


A few weeks ago in the WPF $30,000.00 Breeders Plate race from Murray Bridge 553km, Rennie and Simon also placed 2nd & 3rd. 14-10414 a Blur Bar hen is also bred from the Winners1 Alwin Petrie pigeon ARROW This cocks father is from Robin Hood out of imports ROBIN x LIGHT SPEED. The mother is WIN CITY from imports Alwin x Sun City.

Richard & Mal Clement Keep Winning with Winners1 Pigeons

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hi Rod,

We raced the other week from St George (630klms) in what was a very tough race with less than 50% of flyers in the federation actually clocking on the day.

We have again trapped the supper little hen NCF 18 9903 to run 1st club, 2nd Lake Macquarie Combine 5th NCF federation with a velocity just over 1218 m min.(8 hr 30 mins on the wing).

9903 is out of our champion hen LM 15 making 9903 a granddaughter of Top Shelf (Heremans x Alwin Petrie).

It was also the Lake Combines 2nd Breeders plate race and this hen has finished 2nd in that feature race as well ( she also finished second in the 1st Breeders plate race from 300 miles 2 weeks ago beaten only by a loft mate).

This little hen has been in the clock 3 times and been 1st once landing with her sister when we won the combine

She has basically now won 3 and run 2nd outright once in Lake Combine races and taken 4 prizes in the top 5 in the federation including 2 seconds.

Add in the 2 breeders plates second places and the result where she won the combine and ran 2nd in the fed in the 2 bird trap 2 race at 300 miles ( she was half our team ) and this hen has probably earned a spell and will now be stopped for a 2 yo.

Hard to tell if 9903 or 1816 ( 4 outright combine wins ,a fed winner and 3 top 3 places) will win bird of the year but both had great seasons and both grandchildren of Top Shelf

Cheers RC

DJ and Sons 8th Federation

Rod Simmons
Sunday, September 08, 2019

Congratulation to DJ and Sons for placing 8th Federation in the VRPU from Murray Bridge 583km with 17-1858 Blue Bar hen. 

The mother of 1858 is Lady Rod, a gift pigeons to Dan from Winners1. The father is 12-71 off our imports and the mother is SECRET TIPS from Last Tips x Top Aline (G & C Koopman).

Rod Simmons


Jack Hao, 1st club and 1st Diamond Valley Centre.

Rod Simmons
Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Congratulation to Jack Hao winning 1st club and 1st in the very strong Diamond Valley Centre.

After losing most of his race team to a fox attack earlier in the year, Jack only sent 9 pigeons to last week’s race from Mildura  478km. His winning Blue Bar cock 17-1274 is all Winners1 breeding being from the sire MIGHTY ROBIN from Robin (Alwin Petrie) x Mighty Hen (G & C Koopman). The mother is LAN SE GABY, out of our Gaby Vandenabeele imports Dreaming x Gaby’s Girl.

This is the second time this year the pair has produced a Diamond Valley Centre winner for Jack.

 Rod Simmons