A. M Curcio 2nd Fed VRPU and Jack Hao 18th Fed VHA, both very small team flyers.

Rod Simmons
Sunday, August 04, 2019

Congratulation to Ange Curcio for 2nd federation from Kaniva, 367km and 1195 birds.

With a velocity of 1,116.39 mpm, his Blur Bar hen 17-3179 and a young loft mate having its first race, put up a great effort on a harder race.  17-3179 is a great grandson of Robert Taylors top stock cock CITY BOY, from Winners1 Alwin Petrie imports ALWIN x SUN CITY. The youngster that landed with 17-3179 is off a granddaughter of City Boy to Rob’s Classic Pair, also breed by Winners1. The Classic pair is Heremans x Alwin Petrie and should see them featured in coming weeks.


Jack Hao racing in the VHA from Ouyen, 391km and 2,478 birds; placed 18th federation with a little Blur Chequer hen 18-14146, velocity 1,175.54mpm. Bred by Winners1, the mother of 18-14146 is Jack’s Gini; a very good race bird for Jack last year. Her father is from SUPERCHARGE from our imports OVERDRIVE (De Rauw-Sablon) x JINGU SAMURAI (Koopman). The mother is DAUGHTER GINI from our top Gaby Vandenabeele imports SON OF CIPOLLINI and GINI. 

Rod Simmons



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