C31 Winners1 Racing Pigeons

Rod Simmons
Monday, May 25, 2020
An exploration into the exciting and wild world of pigeon racing.

Rod Simmons

Pigeon Radio with Winners1 2020 ANZAC DAY

Rod Simmons
Friday, May 08, 2020

C31 Racing Pigeon in China

Rod Simmons
Sunday, February 16, 2020

C31 Winners1
Racing Pigeon in China

This Monday 17th February 2020 at 10 pm
Then repeated on Wednesday 19th February at 6.30 am.

Pigeon Racing with Winners1 "Racing in CHINA part 1" will go to air on C31.
A different format then the last video; this one shows some loft visits as well as Historical Chinese landmarks.
Watch online at

C31 Pigeon Racing with Winners1

Rod Simmons
Sunday, February 09, 2020

Winners1 2019 Members Christmas Draw

Rod Simmons
Friday, February 07, 2020

A Video look at some of the pigeons in our Auction.

Rod Simmons
Thursday, November 28, 2019

Winners1 Pigeon Auction

Rod Simmons
Monday, November 25, 2019

Winners1 pigeon auction will be this Sunday 1st December 2019, at the VRPU Rooms, 28 Freeman Street, Campbellfield, Victoria.

The auction will commence at 3pm with viewing from 1pm.

Winners1 pigeons have produced well over 100 top 10 federation pigeons over the last 4 years; with more than 20% finishing first.

Considering Winners1 didn’t race 2 of the last 4 years and most flyers around Australia rather not report or have asked us to not publicize their results; the strike rate with Winners1 pigeons is very impressive.


At the end of 2020, Winners1 will be moving to China to race pigeons. Our focus will be breeding for next year’s racing; so pigeons for sale in the future will be limited.


Winners1 pigeons have the speed to win the first race and the stamina to win a tough all day fly.


View the catalogue on our home page under Auction and double click the pedigree to enhance the size.

For further enquiries contact Rod Simmons 0423 512 264  

Or email

Rod Simmons


Mal & Richard Clement fantastic race season

Rod Simmons
Monday, October 21, 2019

Those who follow Winners1 Blog would know the great 2019 race season Mal & Richard Clement have had. Equally Winners1 is more than pleased as most of the federation wins are by pigeons breed down from out stud.

This is an overview.



M and R Clement Lofts 2019.

Malcolm and Richard.


Our Loft Results in the NCF Federation Inc. (commenced with 58 members) whist flying 2 clocks

during the 2019 season on the North-West Route.

Only top 4 positions shown.

Race                                                   Date       Clock              Results in Federation.

Sprint  Series (11 Races)

Scone                                                                    18/5/19                2                              1st

Scone                                                                     18/5/19               1                             2nd.

Scone                                                                     25/5/19               1                              2nd.

Scone                                                                     25/5/19               2                              3rd.

Breeza                                                                   31/5/19                2                              2nd.

Scone                                                                     15/6/19               1                              2nd    Dead Heat

Scone                                                                     15/6/19               2                              2nd    Dead Heat

Scone                                                                     21/6/19               2                              2nd         

Breeza                                                                      7/7/19               2                              3rd

Breeza                                                                      7/7/19               1                              4th

Boggabri                                                                 14/7/19               1                              2nd

Boggabri                                                                 20/7/19               1                              4th


Mid-Distance (8 Races)

Wee-Waa                                                                27/7/19               1                             2nd.

Wee-Waa                                                                27/7/19               2                             4th

Wee-Waa                                                                  4/8/19               2                             3rd.

Mungindi  Young Bird Derby                                     4/8/19               2                             1st.

Mungindi  Blue Band                                                4/8/19               2                             1st.

Mungindi   Breeders Plate 1                                     4/8/19               2                             1st.

Mungindi Open Race                                                1/9/19               2                             1st

St.George  Breeders Plate 2                                    8/9/19               2                              3rd

St.George 5 Bird National                                        8/9/19               1                              3rd.   Dead Heat

St.George 5 Bird National                                        8/9/19               2                              3rd. Dead Heat


Long Distance (4 Races)

Surat  Open                                                            21/9/19               2                               1st.

Surat  Open- Gold Band                                         21/9/19               2                               1st

Surat  Open                                                            21/9/19               1                               3rd

Surat  Open- Gold Band                                         21/9/19               1                               3rd.

Charleville  (2)                                                         4/10/19               1                              2nd.



Overall, using the standard average points system, our loft achieves 1st and 2nd. In the averages.

Clock 2 wins it with 141 points and the closest loft to us is 269 points and next loft was 317 points.

(our clock 1 was 221 points- still 48 points ahead of the next loft making it 2nd, fed average.

However, under the new “Flyer of the Year Award” I think our Clock 2 wins it with 7 points. This is made up of 2nd in the sprints. 1st in the mid-distance and 4th in the long distance. Our clock 1 will probably run 3rd. If we were flying the one clock, our long distance points would be better.

Rennie Vella and Simon Grech place well in the National

Rod Simmons
Thursday, October 17, 2019

Rennie Vella and Simon Grech continue a great 2019 race season and again the pigeon is down from Winners1 lofts.

Finishing 11th Federation in the WPF and 14th National from Morgan 602 km to Rennie’s place on the outskirts of Melton, their Blue Bar hen 17-342 did a great job in a hard race when many didn’t get a bird home on the day; the velocity was 1,059.9 mpm.

A full sister to Rennie’s 1st federation winner in last year race from Yolla, Tasmania as well as 1st Diamond Valley Centre and 24th fedferation from Parkes 554km. The parents have confirmed their class in just 2 years of breeding.

The father of 342 is  UNDERGROUND from NATIONAL JOY, whose out of our imports National Euro (Heremans – Ceusters) x Joy (Hans Eijerkamp & Son). The mother of Underground is DAUGHTER SANTANA out of our Alwin Petrie imports Santana x Daughter Sanne. The mother of 342 is MOTORWAY from our Alwin Petrie imports Porsche x Party Girl.

Rod Simmons

1st Federation for Tim Fairfax

Rod Simmons
Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Congratulations to Tim Fairfax for winning the Central Coast Racing Pigeon Association federation race from Murwillumbah 543km on the 28th September. A hard race with only 2 pigeon’s home on the day, his birds winning velocity was 835.87 mpm and 19 minutes in front of the second placed bird. 

A Blue chequer cock 16-1446, his mother is Aus13-154 and bred by Winners1 off our De Rauw-Sablon imports GRAND DROMER x Bax Moby.

Rod Simmons