What a weekend for Winners1 and Anton Van Den Heever.

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We would like to congratulate Anton Van Den Heever from the Canberra Racing Pigeon Combine for winning the first race of the season from Boorowa, 111km and a velocity 1,418mpm.

The mother ELITE is all Alwin Petrie from our imports Santana x Maid.

Landing with the winner was also a pigeon breed from another Winners1 hen MAGIC LIGHT, this time from our Alwin Petrie imports Magic x Light Speed.

Rod Simmons


William (Bill) Eastcott wins from Parks.

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It was also very pleasing to see astute Sydney flyer Bill Eastcott from the Southern Racing Pigeon Federation Sydney also win this week with another hen breed from Winners1. Called SUPERIOR EURO from our Heremans – Ceusters imports National Euro x Grand Dion.

His Blue Bar cock coved the 268km in a fast velocity of 1,826mpm and beating 2,416 pigeons. 

Rod Simmons


Alex Diaz 1st club 2nd Fed WPF with Winners1 pigeon

Rod Simmons
Saturday, July 29, 2017

Winners1 would like to congratulate first year flyer Alex Diaz for a great effort in today's race with his 2016 rung Blue Bar hen. Placing in the WPF 1st club and 2nd federation from Deniliquin 256km and against 2,628 pigeons and a super fast velocity 2,433.17 mpm. The winning hen is bred from Daughter Champion, a hen Alex purchased from Winners1 last year. She is from our Falckenborg import CRACK and our top hen and my wife Maggie’s fed winner LITTLE CHAMPION, Goodger.

Little Champion record is

1st Fed Griffith 390K Vel 938mpm

Mother Blue Maggie

1 fed Denilliquin 236k

G/mother to

1 fed Condoblin1 539km

Great grandmother Birchip

1 fed Birchip 267km 2,263 b Deniliquin

2 fed Deniliqin 256km

Vel 2,433 & 2,628b  

Crack is now the father to

8 fed Cobar 687km

Grandfather to Deniliquin

2 fed Deniliqin 256km

Alex holding his Winning hen.

Rod Simmons


Cold Fogger and Vaccination Gun. Two new items available from Winners1

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, May 09, 2017

One very good introduction to our racing management program last year was the Cold Fogger.

Our weekly routine was to fog the loft with Virkon-S on the day of basketing for a race. This was done with the pigeons in the loft after they had their loft fly.

The main aim in fogging the loft was to help fight against bacteria and respiratory issues with the pigeons. This in turn reduced medicating the pigeons.

 We are selling the Cold Fogger for $400.00


The second item we have used over the last year is a simple to use Vaccination gun.

With filling direct from the bottle, it’s easy to use, well made and with an adjustable racket mechanising you get an accurate dosage every time.

The vaccination gun sells for $49.00


Feel free to call me anytime on 0423 512 264 if you have any question on either of these items.


Rod Simmons


To all our valued clients.

Rod Simmons
Sunday, March 12, 2017

To all our valued clients.

Pigeon products.

With all the problems with the Rota virus, Winners1 will not bring in another shipment of products until a vaccine comes available. We have been in total lock down since the virus was diagnosed in Victoria with nobody coming to our place. We have taken these steps to try and protect all our pigeons.

Although with many lofts around us succumbing to the rota virus, so far with our current bio security we have been able to keep the virus out of our loft.  

Winners1 is now out of stock of many products but still have a few lines available. If any customer is after any item listed on Winners1 website, before placing an order, just drop us an email to confirm we have the item in stock. If any item is to be sent out, even though they are kept in a separate shed away from any pigeons, part of our bio security is to spray any items with Glen 20 before they are boxed. Email us at: 

Pigeon Sales.

The same with the pigeon sales. We can still take orders with the understanding all pigeons can't be collected or sent by commercial transport to other Sates, not until later in the year once all pigeon have been vaccinated for Rota virus.

On a brighter note:

As we did breed for the 2017 race season from all our best stock birds, Winners1 will have available for sale some outstanding pigeons for sale.

This will give many flyers an opportunity to purchase top quality pigeons at a special discounted price.

Details of pigeons for sale will be listed in the coming months, but I can say we will have 200 pigeons with photo and pedigree on Winners1 website under the link PIGEON SALES.

30 pigeons will be shown at any given time and as each pigeon sells, another will take its place. Most of the pigeons are breed from birds just one down from our imports and instead of the standard $500.00 we will have birds for sale from $200.00 to $400.00 per pigeon. Any interested buyers can also contact me directly to discuss any pigeon on 0423 512 264.

For pigeons direct from our imports, interested buyer are directed to to the link PIGEONS on our website, prices are indicated next to the pigeon.

Rod Simmons


Fogging the loft.

Rod Simmons
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Two years ago, late in the 2014 race season around the start of October. I had about 20% of the race team showing signs of Mycoplasma . They handle great, tossed fine but when put to the acid test of racing would either be behind the healthy pigeons in the loft or we would lose them.

As certain types of Mycoplasma can’t be detected with a microscope, I was lucky to be shown how to detect it by visual observation.

It was in this time I visited avian vet Dr Phil Sax from Burwood, Melbourne. Phil suggested we should take a leaf out the chook industry and fog the loft.

Now his words of wisdom sat in the back of my memory bank for the next 6 months until I can across a video of a successful racing pigeon flyer in Europe who had a state of the art loft. Now like a blow behind the ears Phil’s advice came to the fore when in the video the flyer had a ducted fogging system in this entire loft.

So the time had come to start investigating the possible use of a fogging machine.

First thing was to research what products I could use and how it may benefit the pigeons. I contacted the manufacture of Virkon-S as I know this product is rated one of the best disinfectant on the market.

There was also underground data out there the product helped the pigeons total health when absorbed by the bird by breathing it in.

I was by then convinced to go down this path and purchase a fogger and test it out for the 2016 race season. As it also turned out, the week of making this decision I happen to be talking on the phone to Dr Colin Walker, and as we all know Colin as a vet is highly respected around the world. I told Colin my plan and he did say it wouldn’t work for Cocci. He did mention if I purchased a fogger I could if I wanted treat the pigeons using the fogger.


I didn’t realise I was going to open Pandora’s box when looking to purchase a fogging machine, to filter through the maze of products on the market, from dance floor hot foggers with electric element that heats whatever you put in to eliminate a fine mist, as well as petrol and butane hot foggers used for pesticides and herbicides.

Besides the droplet size of many of these not being small enough, I was concerned by heating the Virkon-S how it could change the chemical structure of the product and could this affect our pigeons when they absorb it into their airways.

My direction was then focused to using a cold fogger. I found one that had a particle size of 10 – 150 microns, 10 being fine enough for my purpose.


I tested the fogger while racing, using it on the morning of basketing for a race, then on Sunday after the race pigeons where home and the pigeons had arrived from road training. Later in the race season I only used it on the morning of basketing.

I treated the pigeons with antibiotic when the race birds arrived from a race, this was on Saturday and Sunday. All other race birds would go treatment free until after they went to a race. This could be up to four weeks for some pigeons.

I tested a few pigeons mid week by taken a crop flush and random dropping. This showed Dr Colin Walker to be correct as at times the pigeons did show some Cocci and wet canker, but at no time did I see any respiratory issues. I did though find a very small group of pigeon very close to the end of racing having some signs of Mycoplasma.

So all in all I found the fogger to be beneficial in our overall loft management while racing. In the off season when our loft has no exposure to outside lofts, I reframe from using the fogger as well as medicating all pigeons in the loft.


As a foot note: In the 2016 race season out of 20 races, our top 3 federation results were Two 1st federations wins, Three 2nd and Three 3rd fed placing. With the 1st fed wins, both times we landed 3 pigeons together. We won the Short series aggregate and the Combine aggregate.



Rod Simmons


Deadly Virus hits Southern States

Rod Simmons
Sunday, December 18, 2016
  • Deadly Virus: From VRPU website.
  • A readily transmissible viral disease has been identified in racing pigeons in Victoria this week. Affected lofts experience mortality rates of approximately 30 %. Initial testing has ruled out Adeno, PMV and Herpes virus infections. The virus is likely, however, to be the same virus that affected WA racing lofts earlier this year. Testing has identified a number of virus’ as possible causes with one in particular being most likely. It may be that some poultry vaccines will be able to protect pigeons. Diagnostic work continues. In the meantime every effort should be made to avoid the movement of birds between lofts. Some fanciers may wish to keep their birds locked down. Similarly flyers should avoid visiting other lofts. Further information will be posted as soon as it is available. Affected birds develop green diarrhea, start to vomit , become hunched and usually die within 24 hours. Fanciers who think their birds may have the disease should contact the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic on 03 9764 9000.
  • Rod Simmons
  • Winners1

3rd Federation Fowlers Gap 792km (500 miles) Gaby Vandenabeele cock

Rod Simmons
Saturday, October 01, 2016

Racing from Fowlers Gap 792km (500 miles) our Blur Chequer cock Son of Gini VPU15-8776 finished 1st club, 3rd Federation. A nice balanced and size cock for distance races, at his last start he placed 10th federation from Coombah 606km. Breed direct of our Gaby Vandenabeele imports SON OF CIPOLLINI & GINI, he will now take his place in the breeding loft.

Rod Simmons



Jack Wetering 11th and 13th federation VHA.

Rod Simmons
Friday, September 30, 2016

It was pleasing to receive a call from David Wetering to inform us of the great results by his son Jack in the Victorian Homing Association.

David purchased 2 pigeons from Winners1 Sydney auction MIGHTY TIPS and GOLDEN TIPS, both full brothers bred by our best imports Last Tips and Mighty hen. They are some of the best G & S Koopman pigeon to ever come to Australia.

Jacks results with his Blue Bar hen VHA15- 20470 off Golden Tips is a convincing 13th federation Narrandera 385km 3,365 birds, and 11th Mount Hope 10 bird 579km 830 birds.

A double fed bird against very strong competition as well as astute training by the Wetering family.

Rod Simmons


13th and 17th federation Broken Hill 696km

Rod Simmons
Friday, September 30, 2016

In last week’s race from Broken Hill, the partnership of John Ferraro and Robert Taylor finished 13th federation with a Blue Bar cock VPU15-10331 breed from a cock purchased from Winners1. The father of 10331 is Aus14-309, his full sister Miss Euro also owned by Robert a few weeks ago in the VRPU $10,000.00 classic race, produced for the Share family 4th, 6th 7th and 8th place. The parents of V8 is our (Heremans – Ceusters) imports National Euro & Grand Dion.

WInners1 placed 17th place with VPU15-8843 Blue Bar hen BLUE GHOST. This very good hen also this year won 1st Federation Mildura Produce 466km
Her father is 
GHOST RIDER. A son of the very good producer Night Rider, out of our (Alwin Petrie) imports Santana x Daughter Sanne. The mother of Ghost Rider is Sablon’s breed from our (De Rauw-Sablon) imports Overdrive x Young Dreamer. The mother of 8843 is BLUE LIGHT. 
Dream,A daughter of our (Alwin Petrie) imports Porsche x Party Girl.

Rod Simmons